A travel guide for Graphic Designers

gráficoBarca – Magazine and ios App.

Gráfico is a travel guide that is focussed on Graphic Design. This edition focuses on Barcelona.

The magazine highlights the best places to visit for Graphic Designers, fun places to go, nicely designed restaurants and cafe’s but also fun exhibitions that are in town right now! The magazine also includes interviews with famous Graphic Designers in the city.

I highlighted the best places to visit when you are in town. So I have used the color yellow because it reminds me of a marker. Markers are used to highlight a text.

Some of the photo’s are not made by me and is not been used for commercial purposes.

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gráfico iOS app

The gráphico app will give you push notifications when there are new exhibitions in your town. It’s an easy app on the go. Social is a feature in the gráfico app where you can follow your Graphic Designers and look what they are doing right now. It is also a good feature to get in contact with Graphic Designers.



is a feature that is linked with On the map you’ll see some marks, these marks are requests from companies that are searching for a new identities, websites, posters etc. When you click on a mark, you’ll get a briefing of the company explaining what they are currently looking for. On every challenge you can win a great prize. If you feel called to this assignment and you would like to participate. Just press accept and send in your design concepts.


Follow famous graphic designers and see what they are doing right now. If you want some more info about the works, or restaurants. Just click on the picture and some more info will show up.