Uncomfortable Art Biënnale

Uncomfortable Art Biënnale 2014.

I’ve designed a new identity with a dynamic logo for the Uncomfortable Art Biënnale 2014 in Amsterdam. In 2014, Uncomfortable Art artists gave their exhibition in the Uncomfortable Art Biënnalle in Amsterdam.

Artists that were on the line up for 2014:

Choi Xooang, Ai Weiwei, Li Wei, Marc Bijl and more..

These are artists who are known for their shocking art and are not accepted in their own countries. They are Rebels! Because of this reason I came up with the new name ‘REBEL’. The word Rebel reminded me of graffiti and protest. I wanted to get that style in my design. Graffiti artist and rebels often use a cool tag to mark their work. So I’ve designed the new identity in a rebel twist with a Dynamic tag logo. See the results below.

I do not own any of the photo’s you see in this app and is not used for commercial purposes..



briefpapier - visitekaart
mockup huisstijl

Vice Magazine advertorial


Rebel iOS app

The Rebel app will give you push notifications gives you all information about Rebel Biennale 2015.
The app has interviews with the artists, a map, audio tour and gives you push notifications when a new exhibition starts.


Interview with the artists


Audio tour page