Innovative leather luxury bags e-commerce


Branding, UI/Visual, and motion design


Maeden is a luxury brand located in Amsterdam that takes a forward-thinking stance on leather products. They are committed to crafting top-tier, all-leather handbags of timeless appeal, produced with the utmost quality standards right in The Netherlands.

I was tasked by Resoluut to lead the project of transforming Maeden into a luxury e-commerce platform. The main emphasis was on showcasing the intricate craftsmanship of their leather bags, making sure that all the details were easily visible to users. In order to achieve this, I utilized the rich and warm leather tones of the bags to establish a pleasing color palette for the website.

I also implemented a dynamic grid layout to add a playful element to the design, while incorporating subtle micro animations throughout the site to enhance the user experience. This entire transformation was successfully accomplished within a span of 2 weeks.


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